Appstore and Playstore Screenshots

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AppStore And PlayStore Screenshots

Promote app on the App Store and Google Play

Increase the number of downloads of your mobile app with eye-catching screenshots that leave a positive impression on viewers. Sohba Soft can assist you in creating eye-catching visuals for your app.

Make a good first impression with your app

To increase conversions on Apple's App Store and Google Play, we can help you design an app icon, screenshots, and a preview video.

Design of an icon

To attract users' attention, your icon must be simple and appealing. We make the icon consistent with the app it represents by using contrasting colors and unique shapes.

Design of a screenshot

Screenshots paint a vivid picture of how your app will improve people's lives. We use screenshots to convey the most important selling points from your user's perspective.

How do we make incredible screenshots for app stores?

The design of your app's page has a significant impact on conversion rates in the App Store.
We create stunning imagery that reflects your brand identity and makes your app's core value proposition clear to your audience.

Each screenshot has a single message

You have five screenshots on the App Store. Each screenshot should convey a single message about your app. On the first screenshot, we show your user's main problem and how your app solves it. Your strongest USP is shown in the second screenshot. The second, third, and fourth strongest USPs of your app are shown in the other screenshots.

The most up-to-date iOS and Android devices

On the most recent equipment, your screenshots will always look better. Making your app look modern will give the impression that it is of high quality. We can show a unique and eye-catching angle of the iOS device you're aiming at to draw the user's attention.


Appstore and Playstore Screenshots


$69.99 / mo
  • 5 screenshots design 1 device size apple/android
  • 2 revisions


$159.99 / mo
  • 5-6 screenshots design, 2 device sizes apple/android
  • Mockup
  • source file
  • 10 revsions


$399.99 / mo
  • 6-7 screenshots design, 3-4 device sizes apple/android
  • Mockup
  • source file
  • unlimited revisions
  • 184/A, Newman, Main Street Victor
  • 889 787 685 6