Top 7 opportunities to find guest post blogs:

Guest posting is a natural linking-building process that helps your business go a long way. Not only does it help with brand awareness, SEO, and link relevance. We all might want to use this technique to boost our business, but here is the real problem. How to find blogs that accept guest posts? Not all blogs we see will help with our business and vice versa. You need to be very smart when looking for ways to guest post because that is the crucial element of the success and downfall of your site.

Some blogs will accept guest posts, but they don’t have a relative audience or even an audience to entertain your content with. Other times, high-quality engaged audience blogs won’t accept your guest posts until you are well-known in your industry. Hence the problem lies on both ends, so you need to play smart when looking for the right blogs to guest post your content. We have listed some clever ways to find the perfect guest blogs. They have the right audience that can benefit your website, so keep on reading!

  1. Search engines: Your first and foremost option should be going to search engines. Search engine such as Google has the solution to all our problems. Just be a little smart, and voila! You have found the exclusive blog that will post your guest post. By being smart, we mean try using keywords like “guest posts” and “guest posting” or include your specific niche or industry to make it easier.

For example, if you are writing for cars, your keyword on the search bar should be a guest post on cars, best                  cars, new cars, etc.

  1. Socialize with fellow guest bloggers: Another fantastic way to guest post is by socializing with other fellow guest bloggers. When you search in your industry, you can find kind and supportive bloggers who would love to help you. Connections go a long way! Make connections in your industry and ask them where they guest post. Consequently have them introduce you to some of their contacts to make your task a bit easier. Making your name in the industry on your own is quite a journey. But with good companionship, it can become fun and entertaining.
  2. Check-up with your competitors: This method is quite understandable as we have all heard, “Keep your friends close but enemies closer.” You can take your first step towards guest posting with the help of your competitors. The big question is how? Search up your competitor’s name with keywords like guest posts. For instance, “(blogger name) guest post” and find out where they guest post and try similar blogs. Your competitors are already posting their content in similar niches in the same industry. So choosing their blogs to accept your content might work wonders for you.
  3. Join online communities: Whenever someone starts guest posting, the first question that pops into their mind is how to find blogs that accept guest posts. Joining online groups and communities is an efficient way to get to know your fellow bloggers. In these online communities, people share their guest posts for views and comments, and other times also share the blogs they guest post for. You will find guest blogs and learn much more from these groups and people working on similar content. Making your name in this competitive market is very hard, so these communities also aid in making you well known among your fellows.
  4. Buy from a vendor: Until now, you must have figured out that doing posting is not easy. The results may be fruitful but take equal effort and consistency. A simple way to build strong links is just buying guest posts from a reputable vendor. They will take care of everything for you, from writing your content to finding the right opportunities to post your guest post. A good vendor may charge accordingly, but you only need to sit back and watch and enjoy its results. Just let your provider know of your specifications. Like the type of content you want, the niche or industry you are writing for, and the kind of audience you are looking for. Just like your knight in shining armor, they will have your back!
  5. Utilize socials: undoubtedly, we use our social media day and night, so why not put it to some actual use than scrolling random people doing funny things all day? Almost all businesses have social media handles, so that this technique will cost you nothing but time. Use any social media platform, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and interact with businesses and fellow bloggers. Start by commenting, liking, or leaving your reviews on their content. To build a relationship, you can write them a personalized text. And explain how you can help their business and add value to them.
  6. Hire an agency: one of the best ways to acquire success with guest posting is by hiring an agency. Hire a well-reputed digital marketing agency and have them do all the work for you. You have to point out markers of what you want and what you don’t. And a team of professionals will provide you with all your desired services. And if you are worried about choosing the right agency from the hundreds of agencies in the market, then worry no more. We have done our proper research to link you with an excellent agency with fabulous clientage and results driving a professional team.

Why choose Sohba Soft as your digital marketing agency?

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You can rely on Sohba Soft as your digital marketing agency because of their professional team. As their squad knows every ins and outs of digital services, rest assured that you will be at ease with Sohba Soft. No need to worry about how to find blogs that accept guest posts. As their professional members will do each and everything for you. With their immense experience working with companies all over Pakistan, you can be confident with your investment. Skyrocket your corporation’s success by working with efficient strategies and experienced team members of Sohba Soft.

Points to ponder while guest blogging:

There are a few things you should keep in mind while guest blogging before they are going to take you a long way. We have listed a few eye-opening pointers to make your guest posting game ten times stronger, so don’t forget to implement them in your work.

  • Create a blog: ensure you have a great quality website whenever you are looking for a guest post. Make your website well acquainted with your niche and find the blog to guest post accordingly. The first thing any guest blog will notice about its potential bloggers is their website, where, and how they portray their business. You will not be the first to approach any guest blog, so make sure to stand out from the other candidates.
  • Social media: social media is not made only to pass the time, but in the new era, it can also boost your corporation. So create active social media accounts and engage with your fellow bloggers and industries.


It’s quite a task when it comes to the question of how to find blogs to guest post on. We have listed seven effective strategies for any business to find opportunities to start guest posting. From working with friends and foes to hiring a digital marketing agency, you can find all possible options to kick-start guest posting.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is best for guest posting because they know what they are doing. If you decide to take up the task of guest posting on your own hands, it might fail. Hence play smart and hire someone with better experience and skills. We recommend Sohba Soft as your ultimate digital marketing agency because they are the best at what they do. Their impressive client history speaks for itself, so that you can hope for successive results. Moreover, there are some points you should not neglect whenever guest blogging to acquire victory.


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